@Flash is much more than a cool and powerful pocket torch! It is the most complete flashlight around- with seven operation modes including two semaphore modes and the capacity to send Morse messages and decode them using light or sound.

Downloading @Flash you will get the most advanced flashlight ever developed for a mobile device, which is the first one able to decode light and sound messages. In addition, @Flash can be used as a distress-signalling device, which can come very handy whenever a phone call is not possible.

Just check it out, you will love it and it’s free!

  • A strong torch using the LED flash; if the device does not have a LED it will automatically use the screen.
  • Many torch modes including a normal mode, a pusher mode or a pulsating light mode.
  • Application Settings accessible using the device Settings App to configure the default behaviour of the light at start up: Always On, Always Off or Last State.
  • An SOS mode to easily send a distress signal whenever needed.
  • A message transmission mode to send any Morse message you mind.
  • Two semaphore modes that come in very handy in many situations.
  • A complete list of the Morse Codes touching the SOS or the Message mode buttons when the 3 points appear (Pro Version).
  • A decoder to read light and sound messages coming from another @Flash App, when there is a good signal to noise ratio.
  • The possibility to upgrade to a Pro, ad free version of the App with a complete list of the Morse Codes and an improved decoding algorithm using an In App Purchase.
  • Selected sound to improve user experience.
  • A shaking control to reset the status of the App or to go back to the main screen.
  • A design thought to memorise and adapt to your preferences.
  • It is available in various languages, including: English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan.

Download on the App Store
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