Contracts and Consulatancies

We also develop projects for third parties, from our office or at our client's site.

Broad knowledge of a wide range of iOS frameworks, in Swift and Objective-C

Speed Trap Plus iOS app
@Draw drawing iOS app
@Video edition iOS app
Space Adventure arcade game ios app

User Experience

We have reached good commercial success, this gives us a good knowledge on what users value- which can be a very valuable contribution to a team.

Rapid Development

With more than 20 products in the App Store, various websites among other back-end projects developed- we have a verifiable high level of productivity.

Self Starters

Since our passion lies in developing apps and services to provide the best user experience for the users- we are self motivated to contribute to the best of our capacity to your project.

Creative Solutions

We have experience developing in various technologies, this gives us a wide perspective on how the best solution to a challenge.

Work as a contractor ar the client's office

It is possible for the lead developer of this little company- Carles Estevadeordal, to perform short term contracts from 1 to 6 months, with the possibility of an extension, at the clients office as a contractor to contribute with his skill and experience with the client’s development team.

Do you need urgent extra workforce for your project?

Carles has more than 6 years experience with iOS, working with the bast majority of frameworks available, and has developed around 20 projects of varying complexity. Offering the perfect combination between flexibility, availability in short notice and professionality.

Work with teamates - Contract - Client's office - Colleagues

Relocation in Short Notice

It is possible for our lead developer to relocate in 15 days, with no hassle for the contracting company as soon as a contract is signed.

Good Teamwork and Collaboration Skills

With good knowledge of today’s collaboration tools it will not be a problem for our lead developer to start working with the rest of the team from day one.

Fast and Proactive Development

Our product track in the App Store shows that we do work with short App iteration cycles and that we adapt to the needs of the user anticipating their demands.

Flexibility and Professionality

Working with an experienced contractor offers the possibility to incorporate a senior professional that can start contributing immediately at demand.

Remote development from our office

We also develop projects for third parties or we can work as part of a team, developing remotely specific tasks of a project in Swift and Objective-C. Although, we prefer to work as part of a team in rather medium to big projects, as we already have experience working in large projects as it can be seen in our portfolio.

Do you need more flexible workforce?

As an external contractor we offer skill and flexibility. With more than 20 independent Apps in the App Store we have sound experience in the whole App development lifecycle, so we can contribute efficiently in most of the tasks required to develop an App successfully.

Remote work - Video conference - Office partners - Colleagues

Total Flexibility

Having a remote contractor gives the maximum flexibility to a client, from a few hours a week to full commitment for a determined duration.

Proactive Communication

Modern communication systems allow us to be in touch as often as if we where almost at the office. We also address issues in a proactive manner in coordination with the client.

High Productivity

After so many years of experience in the same platform, we have a deep knowledge of all its tricks- which allows our programming to flow continuously and fast.

In Person Meetings and Start Up

There is the possibility to coordinate occasional in person meetings and a start up of the application if necessary.

Remote Work
  • From our office
  • Regular conferences
  • Work in a very productive environment
  • Possibility of occasional in person meetings
  • Rapid development
  • Full stack
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Catalonia Region
  • At the client's office
  • Great teamwork
  • Easy commuting around the region
  • In person meetings
  • Rapid development
  • Full stack
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Rest of the World
  • At the client's office
  • Great teamwork
  • Easy relocation
  • In person meetings
  • Rapid development
  • Full stack
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