Store, play and transfer files between your iPhone, iPad and now even your Mac with @Drive!

It’s much more than a simple hard drive: you can play, edit and compress files on all your devices, then send them to your friends by mail or share them through your social networks. @Drive allows you to play files in many formats, watch videos and pictures and view PDF-files as if they were books.

The most amazing thing is that your files will be automatically synchronized between your iPhone, iPad and Mac thanks to iCloud, so you can access them anytime and everywhere with just a few touches. Everything works smoothly, @Drive has a very well studied and cool design to make your life easier.

And that’s not all… discover all the awesome features of @Drive. Download it now, it’s free!

  • An awesome hard drive for your iPhone and iPad, and now even for Mac!
  • A file server to access your files and transfer them wirelessly with WebDAV and browser support.
  • iCloud integration to share files between your devices.
  • Many file types supported. You can play most videos and images.
  • The possibility to use the “Open in” feature on all files by pressing on its icon to: preview, print and share files between applications (Pro Version).
  • A built in text editor with many advanced features.
  • A PDF document viewer.
  • The possibility to compress and uncompress files with many formats.
  • The capability to edit files, copy and move them easily just pressing continuously over the files to edit them.
  • A cool black translucent design.
  • A rotatable interface to adapt to all situations.
  • A shaking control to hide the menus or go back to the main screen.
  • A design thought to memorize and adapt to your preferences.
  • The possibility to upgrade to a Pro version of the App with an In-App Purchase.
  • It is available in various languages, including: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan.

Download on the App Store
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